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The public contributions to exposure assessment and control are grouped in the following Click-and-go headers:
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1. Alignment of tools for workplace exposure assessement
IOHA 2018 Washington: Progress in the alignment of control banding tools
AIHCe 2017 Seattle: Testing Hazard Banding Performance and Strength
BOHS OH2017 Harrogate: Filling the OELV gap: Optimize Hazard Banding
NVvA Conference 2017: The alignment of parallel OH tools. An IOHA project?
IOHA 2015 Conference: The need for international alignment of Occupational Hygiene tools

2. Exposure assessment, variability and control:
IOHA 2018 Conference. Towards a library of exposure profile related GSD values

NVvA Conference 2017 Ioannidis and do individuals performing the same job have different average exposures?

SOPHYT Forum (Lille). Statistics and representative measurements
Scheme prEN 689 (2016) compliance testing
BOHS prEN 689 workshop (Glasgow). Representative measurements & work patern/worker exposure variability within the SEG

CEN137 TC1 (Paris). Indentifying exceptional exposure within a SEG using Student-t/ANOVA statistical tests
AEHI Seminario (Barcelona). The new CEN 689 Compliance resting guidance
CEN137 TC1 (Delft). Lognormality and handling Non-detects
IOHA BW_Stat PDC (London). Basic Characterzation
IOHA BW_Stat PDC (London). Compliance testing

AIHCe (San Antonio). Validation of Control Band hazard grouping
BOHS Poster (Nothingham).Compliance testing of mixtures: XLUNIFAC.
BOHS Poster (Nothingham). A hierarchy of OELVs

BOHS Conference (Manchester). Between-worker differences and sampling strategy flaws

BOHS-NVvA Compliance testing guidance

NVvA Guidance on exposure data recording
Long-term exposure sampling at a Dutch (bio)chemical production site

The distribution of long-term GSD's in well defined chemical industry SEG's in Dutch , English PPT

TWA 8-hours OELV for chronic toxic chemical substances based on long-term NOEL or DMELS (in Dutch , English summary)
On the compliance control of long-term OELVs. Vinylchloride monomer (in Dutch , English summary)
Weel Committee . Workplace Environmental Exposure Levels (OARS WEEL's). Melamine. American Industrial Hygiene Association. Fairfax Virginia 1999.

Occupational Exposure Database core information

Letter to the editor on methodological flaws in the analysis of within and between worker variability

HYGINIST: Compliance testing software for workplace exposure within a Similar Exposure Group (SEG) with Goodness-of-fit, regression based handling of undetectables, comparing sample GM and GSD with priors, optimize sample size.
Maintenance painters solvent exposure assessment and effect-specific limit values


3. OELV, DN/MEL, Kick-off, Hazard Banding & their hierarchy:
Scientific publication On the Strength and Validity of Hazard Banding and its suplementary data
NVvA Conference presentation (Scheveningen). Testing strength and validity of Hazard Band engines

IOHA Conference (London). Finding best performing hazard band engines within Control Banding tools

Presentation H3##-statement based kick-off levels. Bilthoven NVT-AT 140925
Careful with that DNEL, Occupational Hygienist! A quantitative comparison with higher Hierarchy OELVs
Youtube recording of the AIHCe2014 Ignite presentation on the Comparison of OELV’s and DNEL’s and the harmonization of IH-tools (San Antonio, June 3, 2014)

DOHSBase-Compare: ranking risk potential of chemicals (in Dutch)

Publication R-phrase based Kick-off levels (in Dutch, English summary)

Dohsbase, a comprehensive database with hierarchical information on phys-chem, health hazard info, OELVs, sampling methods and risk ranking of chemicals used in the workplace.

4. Occupational health and epidemiology:
Dutch Caprolactam workers exposed to pure Benzene. A blind (=independent established exposure and mortality), retrospective cohort mortality study. Contradicts linear hazard assessments like AGS (2012).
Leukaemia risk in Caprolactam workers exposed to Benzene. Institute of petroleum. Report meeting 22-10-2002.pdf.
Update Acrylonitrile cohort study
Mortality of Workers exposed to Acrylonitrile
Mortality of coke plant workers in the Netherlands
Mortality among laboratory assistants in a Coke plant [1928-1946] (in Dutch, English summary). The first correct performed, retrospective occupational cohort study in the Netherlands.

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