Download HYGINIST version 4.3.5 (January 2016) freeware

Watch the YouTube video demos first. Mouse right click on DEMO of HYGINIST or on how to handle undetectables with HYGINIST. Than select "Open in new tab".
The use of HYGINIST is free of charge. However if you are going to use HYGINIST more often it is better to register.
  1. Click on to download the compressed installation. This zip file is about 5 MB.
  2. Save on your system (e.g. in a folder C:\..\download). Start with Explorer within the .zip SETUP.EXE
  3. Follow the installation instructions and press No if the system asked you to decide to replace newer files by older ones.
  4. This installation will delete an earlier registration password.

HYGINIST works fine with Windows 10 and earlier versions (32 and 64 bits). Install WinHlp32 ( is needed , if you want to use Hyginwin.hlp. .